1.10. Kubernetes install (manually)

OliveTin works just fine on Kubernetes. The easiest way to deploy it is with a Kubernetes ConfigMap, Deployment, Service and finally Ingress. Like so;

kubectl apply -f http://docs.olivetin.app/etc/k8s_configmap.yml

The main application config.yml for OliveTin is specified in the ConfigMap above. You will want to edit this later - see the "Configuration" section.

Next, we need a deployment;

kubectl apply -f http://docs.olivetin.app/etc/k8s_deployment.yml

That should deploy OliveTin. Then expose it as a service;

user@host: kubectl expose deployment/olivetin

Then lastly, create a Ingress rule for for that service;

kubectl apply -f http://docs.olivetin.app/etc/k8s_ingress.yml

You should be able to browse to http://yourserver:1337 (or similar) to get to the web interface.

If you see the OliveTin page popup in your browser, you can jump to the configuration section as the next step.