Arch Linux (AUR)

There are 3 packages available for Arch Linux;

  1. olivetin in AUR - This builds from source, using a release Git tag.This is officially maintained by the authors of the OliveTin project.

  2. olivetin-bin in AUR - This re-packages the binaries built by the official binaries. This is not officially maintained by the authors of the OliveTin project, and might be a bit older - but it should work just fine.

  3. olivetin .apk built by the project - This may be useful to have a package outside of AUR.

Installation (AUR)

Install using yay;

user@host: yay -Syu olivetin

Post installation

You will need to write a basic configuration file before OliveTin will startup.

Create the following basic config file at /etc/OliveTin/config.yaml with the following contents;

The most simple config.yaml file.
  - title: "Hello world!"
    shell: echo 'Hello World!'

Now that you have a configuration file, and OliveTin is installed, start it;

Start the service (only needed once)
user@host: systemctl enable --now OliveTin

If you are running a firewall on your server, like firewalld, you will need to open port 1337;

user@host: firewall-cmd --add-port 1337/tcp --permanent
user@host: firewall-cmd --reload

You should be able to browse to http://yourserver:1337 (or similar) to get to the web interface.

If you see the OliveTin page popup in your browser, you can jump to the configuration section as the next step.

Troubleshooting systemd installations

If you are having problems, you can check if OliveTin is running like this;

user@host: systemctl status OliveTin

If the service has failed, scroll through the logs;

user@host: journalctl -eu OliveTin

If you cannot understand the logs, or otherwise need help, see the Where to find help page.