Which download do I need?

OliveTin can be run as a service or a container. If you are not sure which is best for you, read containers vs services.

Packages (run OliveTin as a service)

This is a table that explains which package/download is best for each environment;

Processor Type Operating System Distribution File on latest release page

AMD / Intel → amd64


Other → .tar.gz

OliveTin-linux-amd64.tar.gz installation instructions

Red Hat, Fedora, etc → .rpm

OliveTin_linux_amd64.rpm installation instructions

Debian, Ubuntu → .deb

OliveTin_linux_amd64.deb installation instructions





32bit ARM (Raspberry Pi 1, 2, or similar) → arm


Other → .tar.gz

One of the OliveTin-linux-arm…​.tar.gz files installation instructions

Red Hat, Fedora, etc → .rpm

One of the OliveTin_linux_arm…​..rpm files installation instructions

Debian, Ubuntu → .deb

One of the OliveTin_linux_arm…​.deb files installation instructions

64bit ARM (Apple M1, Raspberry Pi 3, 4, or similar) → arm64

Note: If you are running 32bit Raspberry Pi OS, choose the 32bit ARM download option instead.


Other → .tar.gz

OliveTin-linux-arm64.tar.gz installation instructions

Red Hat, Fedora, etc → .rpm

OliveTin_linux_arm64.rpm installation instructions

Debian, Ubuntu → .deb `

OliveTin_linux_arm64.deb installation instructions


OliveTin-macOS-arm64.tar.gz installation instructions

A full list of packages can be downloaded from the GitHub project releases page.

Container images


OliveTin is supported when run as a Linux Container in many different ways, and lot of OliveTin users will assume that a Linux Container is the best way to install OliveTin because Linux Containers are really popular…​

However, it is very common that some OliveTin use cases become overcomplicated when a container is used, compared to running as a native service. Read the Containers vs Services document to understand if a container or a service is right for your use case.

The image is pushed to the following registries, pick the one that you prefer - the container images are identical so you only need one;

The following methods can be used to install the container;