Themes (for theme developers)

This page is marked as "earlydoc", which means that it more of a collection of notes and an early draft before this page turns into good documentation later on. It is hoped that this early form of documentation is useful to you, but please understand that most documentation pages are higher quality than this. If you have suggestions or comments, please do get in contact or consider contributing your suggestions to the OliveTin documentation.

Step by step theme guide

  • Go to and use this template repository to create your new theme repository on GitHub.

  • Install OliveTin somewhere, and clone your new repository using git clone into your themes directory.

  • Set themeName: <your-folder> in your OliveTin config.yaml and restart OliveTin.

Write beautiful CSS to create your theme as you like it, commit your changes to git.

Note that OliveTin will load /theme.css depending on themeName: in your config file. Images and any other assets will be served at /custom-webui/themes/mytheme/.

How to list your theme on the OliveTin themes page

The OliveTin themes page is here;

When you are done with your theme, fork on GitHub and create a new page under the "content" directory for your new theme. Commit that to GitHub and then raise a pull request.

If you meed more help, please jump on our discord server!