OliveTin API Overview

This section of the documentation is intended for developers, and those who want to hack around with OliveTin and extend it. This page provides a few pointers to get started.

Short version: http://olivetinServer:1337/api for the REST API. Swagger documents the API.

Longer version: The OliveTin API is formally defined using the Protobuf IDL, which generates gRPC stubs, as well as a REST Gateway.

The REST API gateway is used by the WebUI, and you can use it too by default - it is exposed at "/api" by default.

The gRPC API only listens on localhost default, but it can be set to listen publicly. See the network ports documentation for a better description of how the APIs are exposed. Most people do not need to use the gRPC API. The .proto file for the gRPC API is located at the root of the OliveTin Git repository; OliveTin.proto.

Please do talk to the developers on Discord if you’d like help using the API, or you’re thinking about building something interesting using the API!