OliveTin supports basic Prometheus metrics, and the project is interested to hear about what more metrics people would find useful, as well!

To enable Prometheus support;

logLevel: INFO

    enabled: true
    defaultGoMetrics: false

It is required to restart OliveTin after changing the prometheus configuration.

The defaultGoMetrics option will enable the default Go metrics, which expose metrics like go_memstats_alloc_bytes, or go_memstats_heap_alloc_bytes, and generally most people don’t need these.

This will give you metrics available at http://yourserver:1337/metrics. The page should look something like this;

# HELP olivetin_actions_requested_count The actions requested count
# TYPE olivetin_actions_requested_count gauge
olivetin_actions_requested_count 0
# HELP olivetin_config_action_count Then number of actions in the config file
# TYPE olivetin_config_action_count gauge
olivetin_config_action_count 18
# HELP olivetin_config_reloaded_count The number of times the config has been reloaded
# TYPE olivetin_config_reloaded_count counter
olivetin_config_reloaded_count 1
# HELP olivetin_sv_count The number entries in the sv map
# TYPE olivetin_sv_count gauge
olivetin_sv_count 49