Customize the web UI

The OliveTin web UI is reasonably customizable - parts of the page that you don’t need can be hidden when they’re not needed.

Page Title

You can customize the page title;

page title
pageTitle: My OliveTin Instance

Show Navigation

You can choose to hide the navigation elements in OliveTin, to present a simplified user interface.

Figure 6. The default user interface with the "Actions" and "Settings" buttons shown.

To have OliveTin hide these buttons, add showNavigation: false to your config.yaml;

logLevel: "INFO"
showNavigation: false

Figure 7. The same user interface, but with the "Actions" and "Settings" buttons hidden (showNavigation: false)

Show new versions

You can disable the "new version" information in the footer - the default for showNewVersions is true;

logLevel: "INFO"
showNewVersions: false

If disabled, OliveTin will still check for new versions in the background, but will not display them on the page. If you want to disable update checking completely, see disable update checking.

You can disable the entire footer, if you would like a really minimal interface. The default for showFooter is true.

logLevel: "INFO"
showFooter: false

This means the showNewVersions configuration option will automatically be false as well.