By default, OliveTin will allow you to run several instances of an action at the same time. For example, an action might take 20 seconds, and if you click the button 3 times, for a time there will be 3 actions running at the same time.

Sometimes you don’t want to allow this - an example case where it would not make sense is in the case of a backup script. To stop this, we can set maxConcurrent to 1.

  - title: Run Backup Script
    icon: backup
    shell: /opt/
    maxConcurrent: 1

If you try and run a 2nd instance of this action while the first is currently running, you’ll get a "blocked" message that looks like this;


Additionally, OliveTin will log a message that looks like this;

OliveTin log showing an action being blocked rom running.
INFO Action requested                              actionTitle="Run backup script"
WARN Blocked from executing. This would mean this action is running 2 times concurrently, but this action has maxExecutions set to 1.  actionTitle="Run backup script"

Naturally, you can set maxConcurrent to 3 or some other number, to limit the amount of times the action executes at once.