4.4. SSH into another machine and run a command

Installation type Difficulty to do this

Running as a Systemd service


Running in a container

Needs some setting up - if you are using the default container image you will need to run the command `dnf install openssh-clients` first.

4.4.1. Example config.yaml

    # This will SSH into a server an run the command 'service httpd restart'
   - title: Restart httpd on Server 1
     shell: ssh server1 'service httpd restart'
     icon: ping
     timeout: 5

Note about SSH keys: You should make sure that the user that OliveTin is running as has access to a SSH key. There are lots of good articles on the internet that explain how to setup password-less login with a SSH key. This applies to container images as well.

4.4.2. Setup if running inside a container

SSH is pre-installed in all OliveTin container images.

You should bind-mount your SSH keys directory into the OliveTin user’s home directory;

docker run -v /opt/mySshKeys/:/home/OliveTin/.ssh/ --name OliveTin jamesread/olivetin

This also works for things like SSH configuration files, if you want to use them.