Argument inputs can also have "suggested" values, which can make it quicker to type commonly used options. The way that these are displayed will vary depending on your browser, as they are implemented as a modern HTML5 browser feature called "datalist".

Suggestions are configured like this;

Configuration example of input suggestions
  - title: Restart Docker Container
    icon: restart
    shell: docker restart {{ container }}
      - name: container
        title: Container name
          - plex:
          - graefik:
          - grafana:
          - wifi-controller: WiFi Controller
          - firewall-controller: Firewall Controller

In the examples above, there are 5 suggestions. The first 3 suggestions contain a suggestion with a blank title. The last 2 suggestions contain a human readable title (eg: wifi-controller is the suggestion, and WiFi Controller is the title).

suggestions: is a yaml map, not a list. If you leave the title empty you must still end the suggestion with a ":".


arg suggestions firefox
Figure 4. Screenshot of input suggestions with Firefox on Linux.
arg suggestions chrome
Figure 5. Screenshot of input suggestions with Chrome on Linux.

Browser Support

datalist is widely supported now-a-days, but Firefox on Android notably lacks support; . See the upstream bug here; .