Important Safety Warning

Before you continue, it’s important to read through this safety warning.

OliveTin supports customization of command line arguments, but there is a element of risk. For example, if your command is echo {{ message }}, and you allow your users to set {{ message }} to the value "" && rm -rf / , then you’ve got real problems. For this reason, OliveTin tries to give you useful ways to restrict what users are allowed to enter - with argument types.

However, here are some important rules to try and follow with argument types;

  • Use the most restrictive argument types when possible - ascii and int. This will stop users entering argument values that might be used dangerously, but it’s not foolproof. For example, if you have a command like --count {{ snapshotCount }}, and set snapshotCount to int, then at least users will only be able to enter integer numbers. However, nothing stops them entering crazy values like 9999.

  • Don’t give access to actions with arguments to people you don’t trust. Please don’t ever put your OliveTin install on the public internet!