7.3. Textbox arguments

Many times you need to customize how an action/shell command is run, with arguments. For example;

echo "Hello world"

In the example above, Hello world is an argument passed to the echo command. OliveTin allows you to add pre-defined, and free-text arguments to commands in this way. Below is the OliveTin version of the echo command shown above;

  - title: echo a message
    icon: smile
    shell: echo {{ message }}
      - name: message
        type: ascii_sentence

This will give you a normal button, like this;


However, when you click on it, you’ll get a prompt to enter arguments, like this;


You’ll see that the type is set to ascii_sentence. This applies fairly safe input validation to arguments, so that only a-z, 0-9, spaces and .'s are allowed.

When you start the action, and it’s finished, go to the "logs" view to view the output of the command we’ve just run.


7.3.1. Argument types

A full list of argument types are below;

Table 2. Argument types reference table
Type Allowed values


Anything. This is incredibly dangerous, as effectively people can type anything they like, including executing additional commands beyond what you specify. Absolutely should not be used unless your OliveTin instance can only be used by people you trust entirely.


Any number, made up of the characters 0 to 9. Negative numbers are not supported.


a-z (case insensitive), 0-9, but no spaces or punctuation


Like a DNS name, a-Z (case insensitive), 0-0, -, ., and _.


a-z (case insensitive), 0-9, with spaces, . and ,.


A url, e.g. https://github.com/OliveTin